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Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned – a defensive cleaning program

5/21/2020 (Permalink)

Certified: SERVPRO cleaned graphic on the window of a business Our defensive cleaning program gives your business a way forward by providing your employees and customers ongoing safety and assuredness.

Let us help you get back to business 

As our communities re-open, we’re all moving back toward a new kind of normal. The expectations of visitors, customers, and employees who come into our establishments have evolved, and staying safe and well is a top concern. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean, and we’ve developed a program to help your business meet the new higher standard of clean that is now expected. 

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program we’re offering to businesses and commercial locations to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. This proactive viral pathogen cleaning program goes well beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. By choosing Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you, your employees, your customers, and your community can rest assured that you’ve selected a higher cleaning standard – you are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

Extensive training and specialized products 

As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration*, we stand on more than 50 years of experience and expertise to help your business become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. Beyond fire & water, SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills – always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities. 

From formulating and creating our proprietary cleaning products, like SERVPROXIDE, at our headquarters in Gallatin, TN, to taking the utmost care while disinfecting, we will ensure you and your business are set up to inspire consumer confidence as the economy continues to reopen. 

3 C’s – Consult, Clean, and Certify 

When the stakes are this high, you want a partner who has developed an industry-leading, proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes over decades. We’ve cleaned up some of the most challenging biohazards imaginable. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned reflects our unique experiences and capabilities. The program is grounded with our unique 3 C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify. 

  • Consult – Every business is different, which is why you’ll be assigned a Cleaning Protocol 

Consultant who understands your business and will create a cleaning program to meet your 

specific needs. This program will be developed based on your business type, size of space, 

amount of high-frequency touchpoints, foot traffic, and congestion points. 

  • Clean – Based on your specific business needs, your location will undergo a thorough, deep clean, using exclusive cleaning products, according to protocols set forth by the CDC. Our employees have years of experience, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff performs. Cleanup procedures generally include cleaning of porous and non-porous surfaces, disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for the cleanup process, and disposal of hazardous materials. In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 event, we will be there cleaning within 24 hours to ensure you get back to business as quickly as possible. 
  • Certify - Once your business location has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you will gain access to proprietary signage, digital emblems, and other collateral that communicates that you’ve selected a higher standard of clean available to help protect your employees and customers. And because we add the day, month, and year to that proprietary stamp of clean, your guests will know that not only did you choose Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, but that your location is being cleaned regularly at this standard. 

Call today for a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation 

We’re Here to Help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – until life is back to normal in the communities we all call home. 

Call SERVPRO of Kernersville today at (336) 748-0250 for your Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation. 

* #1 Choice in cleanup & restoration based Commercial Attitude & Usage Tracking study. Polling 816 commercial business decision-makers on the first choice for future needs related to cleanup & restoration work. The study conducted by C&R Research: October 2019 

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned means professionally trained SERVPRO franchises perform the requested cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services according to proprietary SERVPRO protocols and recognized industry and CDC standards with EPA approved cleaning products to deliver a SERVPRO certified cleaning experience. Each SERVPRO franchise is independently owned and operated.

Storms May Cause Water Damage To Your Home

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

Kernersville is expecting a great amount of rain this week which may lead to damage for your property depending on how much falls at one time. Flash flooding is a real concern when inches of rainfall at one time in an area without proper drainage. To protect your property it’s quite important you do the proper research to learn if you live in a flood zone or not. While flooding can still impact your property even if your property is not in a flood zone. Living in a flood zone may increase the risk of damage to your property. 

Taking the proper precautions nevertheless may be critical to protecting your investment. Rainwater may seep into your home which may cause mold if it goes unnoticed for a significant amount of time. Depending on your flooring the response to flooding impacting the interior of your home may change. If you do encounter a situation when your home is flooded it’s important to react quickly and partner with a local firm that’s experienced in mitigation. 

Your SERVPRO of Kernersville team is readily available to assess your fire, water, mold, or storm damage needs if such events arise. We can be contacted at (336) 748-0250.

Commercial Cleaning For Your Place of Business

5/14/2020 (Permalink)

Eventually, life will return to some resemblance of normalcy in the coming weeks and months. Part of your business’ reintegration into society should include disinfecting your entire commercial space to help protect the health of your employees and those who will be visiting your property. The CDC recommends cleaning high touch services including desk, keyboards, and all sorts of office components. Don’t forget about your office bathroom in terms of cleaning too. Utilizing a hospital-grade disinfectant may equipt you to minimize the risk of bacteria and germs taking hold in your office bathroom. Kitchens and kitchenettes should also be regularly disinfected throughout the day. The handle to the refrigerator as well as the buttons on the microwave is regularly touched and therefore should be cleaned.

While these are great recommendations from the CDC you may find yourself as a property owner in need of a reputable commercial clean crew with expertise and experience in disinfecting large spaces. That’s where the SERVPRO of Kernersville team comes in. Our crew is taking all the necessary precautions to help you create a safe and healthy environment for you to welcome both your employees and customers back when the time allows.

If your home or business is in need of our services whether for fire, water, or mold damage; perhaps even deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO of Kernersville, (336) 748-0250.

We’re In Spring In Case You Haven’t Noticed

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

fallen tree with green leaves on top of a grey roof fallen tree on a roof due to storm damage

COVID-19 has captivated all of our minds and required us to change our movements as well as our lifestyles. With everything going on it’s quite easy to forget that we’re presently in spring where severe weather is most prevalent. While COVID-19 is the focus of our minds at the moment it’s crucial not to forget the dangerousness of severe weather. How it negatively impacts all of us and takes life as swiftly as any virus can.

Your SERVPRO of Kernersville team wants to make the community aware that we’re still working and are ready to respond when severe weather strikes whether it’s heavy rain, flash flooding, hail, or a tornado which all can do significant damage to your property within a few short hours.

After severe weather strikes and you assess your property for any damage whether caused through the hail to your roof; perhaps a basement flood which is possible when heavy rains storm in. Flash flooding speaks for itself in its name and responding quickly is critical to minimizing the effects to your basement. Rainwater can also infiltrate your home through your door or if an object causes your home’s walls to falter. Nevertheless know that the SERVPRO of Kernersville team is here when you need us.

SERVPRO of Kernersville is available 24/7 to respond to your water loss situations and can be reached at (336) 748-0250.

Bathroom Flood Mitigation Efforts

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

water on the floor of a kitchen with a window and kitchen room appliances to the right. The flooded kitchen of a residence.

There’s a lot of water output in your bathroom from the sink, toilet, bathtub faucet, and showerhead. Therefore the possibility of things going wrong in terms of mold damage caused by water damage is heightened. If you suspect that mold has infiltrated your bathroom it’s paramount that you respond swiftly and efficiently in order to mitigate the effects. Discovering that you have mold damage isn’t difficult if you know the signs. First and foremost if you smell any mildew or unpleasant smell while in your bathroom that is sustained for long periods of time that may mean that mold has infected your bathroom. 

Secondly, checking behind your toilet for any black spots may be another clear sign that mold has begun to build up. Checking underneath your sink vanity as well is also critical. Often times these places in your bathroom go unnoticed since they aren’t seen that often unless you’re searching for them. Lastly, review the area around your shower and bathtub for black spots. Water ma oftentimes spills out of the bathtub and if too much does spill out it may cause standing water outside your bathtub. 

When encountering mold it may require the use of an experienced and expert mold remediation crew to resolve your matter. Our Production Technicians at SERVPRO of Kernersville have been trained in these matters, respectively, and are equipped to assist when necessary. 

Your SERVPRO of Kernersville team is readily available to assess your fire, water, mold, or storm damage needs if such events arise. We can be contacted at 336-748-0250.

Kitchens are the heart of the home for many people, with all the traffic that they do receive throughout the day

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

brown mold in various shades on a ceiling. Mold on a ceiling.

Kitchens are the heart of the home for many people. With all the traffic that they do receive throughout the day from breakfast in the morning to preparing dinner in the evening, it’s critical that you keep this part of your home up and running. Especially considering the preparation of food and its consumption in relation to the health of your loved ones. When attempting to found out if your kitchen has been affected by mold damage you want to check around the primary water sources for your kitchen. That, of course, would be the sink and the refrigerator. 

Sinks are your primary water source in the kitchen and whether you’re washing dishes or preparing a meal with water it’s easy to allow water to flop around. If that water is continually allowed to pile up it may result in standing water. Standing water around your sink may be the precursor to mold beginning to develop. Likewise, for your refrigerator, you should regularly check behind and underneath your refrigerator for any standing water as well as mold beginning to develop. Many refrigerators come equipped with water and ice dispenser. If those connections to the wall falter it may cause leaking which may ultimately lead to mold. 

If you encounter mold in your kitchen its best to respond quickly in order to mitigate the effects. The SERVPRO of Kernersville team is trained in these sorts of matters and are ready to assist when necessary. 

Your SERVPRO of Kernersville team is readily available to assess your fire, water, mold, or storm damage needs if such events arise. We can be contacted at (336) 748-0250.

Storm Damage Can Impair Your Property

4/13/2020 (Permalink)

tornado coming down from the sky with a daybreaking sky in the background along the road. Tornado in day breaking sky.

Thunderstorms are an unpleasant part of our lives including what often times comes with them. Tornadoes, hail, strong winds, and lightning are all potential threats to your home or place of business. The properties you hold most dear to your heart. Protecting your property and preparing for severe weather is a critical part of life that must be taken seriously. Of course, things such as power outages and flooding are out of all of our control but putting steps in place to mitigate the severity of those crises to your property may make an array of difference.

First things first if you experience a power outage it is more than likely due to down power lines in the Piedmont Triad. Don’t go near a down power line and your electrical company with modern technology will more than likely be aware of down power lines. Secondly, it’s possible that damage is done to your attic, ceiling, and walls due to outside objects or even potentially a tree that will allow water to flow into your home. Mitigating these occurrences to your space is crucial to the overall integrity of your property. Standing water on your floors, in your basement, or up in your attic are all potential dangers that the SERVPRO of Kernersville team has expertise and experience in mitigating storm damage to your property.

The SERVPRO of Kernersville service area includes the Town of Kernersville and our team has years of experience in storm damage as well as flood damage.

If your home or business is in need of our services whether for fire, water, or mold damage; perhaps even deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO of Kernersville, 336-748-0250.

Being Prepared Is Your Only Defense

4/10/2020 (Permalink)

blue lightning strikes against the black night sky. Lightning strikes

Severe weather striking the Piedmont Triad is a given during this period of the year. Spring is here so the likelihood of thunderstorms that may very well include lightning is sure to occur. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent lightning from striking your home or place of business. Lightning is not discriminatory and therefore every property is capable of being struck by lightning potentially causing a fire as wells as other sorts of damage. 

Although you can’t prevent lightning from striking your home you can prepare for it. Disaster preparation is a critical part of protecting yourself and loved ones from further harm a severe weather occurrence is likely to ensue. If lightning does strike your home causing a fire you want to exit your home immediately. Smoke may do damage to your property and it’s furniture, but your life is irreplaceable. For your loved ones coordinating a meeting place in case a fire does occur is an important part of your disaster preparation plans. Testing your smoke alarm as well to ensure that it’s working properly is also paramount. An insufficient smoke alarm may spell disaster. 

Speaking with your insurance agent about the fire damage to your property is never a pleasant conversation. The rush of emotions is understandable. Here at SERVPRO we understand that as well and are committed to excellent customer service during your hardship. We’ve developed great partnerships with many local agents and the fire departments across our service area. We’re known for our dedication and unparalleled commitment to getting things right the first time. 

If your home or business is in need of our services whether for fire, water, or mold damage, or perhaps even deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO of Kernersville, 336-748-0250.

Mold Is Best Dealt With Sooner Rather Than Later

4/8/2020 (Permalink)

mold on a white ceiling in the corner. Mold on the ceiling.

Mold poses a serious risk to your property whether it be your home, office, warehouse, or retail space. Essentially all spaces where there’s moisture gathering there’s the potential for mold to occur and being mindful of that puts you one step ahead of preventing it. Now is a great time since people are slowing down with the COVID-19 public health crisis to review your property for any anomalies that you may have not to notice before until now. 

First, be aware of any standing water in your property. That could be water that has circled your toilet, bathtub, or even underneath your sink. Checking underneath your sink and in the vanity for any water leaks is an important step in noticing mold damage, so that you may begin the mitigation process. Watermarks on walls in your home or place of business is possibly another sign of potential mold damage on your property. 

Laundry rooms are also potential havens for water to fester and create a mold damage situation requiring an immediate response in order to mitigate the damage. Along with your eyesight also using your nose is a critical tool. A musty smell in your laundry room or bathroom can potentially be a sign that mold has developed. Checking behind your washer machine for any irregularities that may lead to water seeping out. 

Mold can damage your property to the extent requiring a professional crew to remedy the situations. The health risk can also mount especially for the most vulnerable to sickness.  

The SERVPRO of Kernersville team can be reached at (336) 748-0250 for all your fire, water, mold, and proactive cleaning needs. 

Content Cleaning For Fire Damage Items Part 1

4/7/2020 (Permalink)

fire flames on pieces of wood Fire flames on the ceiling of a home.

Fires are worst-case scenarios for any property owner whether it’s your home, place of business, or a public building utilized for community activities. First things first, of course, are to ensure that your love ones are okay and healthy. Next is accessing the damage to your home which often times will be done by your home insurance adjuster. Being aware of the consequences to your property resulting from a fire is important to reassure yourself as well as educating yourself on how to ask the most insightful questions. 

Depending on the severity of the fire you may be able to salvage items in your home or office. Content cleaning is one of SERVPRO of Kernersville services offered to clients after experiencing a fire. During such a stressful time experiencing a home fire, we want to partner with you and provide excellent customer service in deciding which items to keep while discarding those items you choose not to have anymore. 

Stay tuned for much more concerning efficient responses to home fires, office fires, and other sorts of property fires. 

If your home or business is in need of our services whether for fire, water, or mold damage; perhaps even deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO of Kernersville, 336-748-0250.