SERVPRO of Kernersville Employee Photos

Britt and Stacy Holcomb

Britt and Stacy Holcomb are the franchise owners of SERVPRO of Kernersville. Britt and Stacy have owned several SERVPRO franchises for 20 years and counting.

Originally from Columbus, Georgia, Britt and Stacy now reside with their two kids in Browns Summit, NC. Britt has an extensive history in the restoration industry. He has always been in restoration and has been with SERVPRO for twenty-five years! Britt is certified through SERVPRO for Crew Management, Fire Restoration and Water Restoration. He is also certified through IICRC for Water Restoration, Applied Structural Drying and as a Applied Microbial Remediation Technician. Britt is really passionate about restoration and owning his franchises. When he is not working, Britt likes to be out on an ATV, camping and in general loves being outdoors. He also likes to travel especially to Vegas, New York and on cruises.

Head shot of female SERVPRO of Greensboro North employee with blond hair and blue eyes.

Ashly Crockett

Ashly is the Director of Sales and Marketing for SERVPRO of Kernersville. She has been a part of SERVPRO for 10 years and is certified in both IICRC and WRT which are the industry standards for this field. Her background is in the restaurant field and she originates from Retreat, VA. Ashly is passionate about serving people which rings true for the company she’s decided to pursue her career in; assisting people during some of the worst moments in their life. Outside of work, Ashly enjoys traveling the globe and Oranjestad, Aruba has been her favorite so far. When asked what has been the best piece of advice you’ve been given? She replied, “Always value memories over things. Memories last forever. Things do not”.

SERVPRO of Burlington male employee wearing black SERVPRO shirt with logo.

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is the Operations Manager of SERVPRO of Kernersville. Originally from Leesville, Louisiana, Jeff now resides in the Triad in Kernersville, NC. It's now six years that Jeff has been at SERVPRO. He holds many certifications. Jeff is certified through SERVPRO for SERVPRO ECTP for Water Restoration, Fire Restoration and Carpet Cleaning. He is certified as well through IICRC for Water Restoration, and Applied Structural Drying. Jeff is also certified through the state of NC as Lead Renovator. With a background in the Automotive Industry and Management, Jeff chose SERVPRO after playing in a band with Britt, owner of our franchise. Music is one of his hobbies, as are motorcycles. Jeff has a love for good food and a great appreciation for the outdoors. His favorite place to vacation is Florida. Divorced, Jeff has four children, ages 29,27,18 and 10. He also has two grandchildren, both two years old. The American Heart Association and the Red Cross are two organizations that Jeff enjoys volunteering for.

Head shot of female SERVPRO Kernersville employee with brown eyes and brown hair.

Kathy Coble

Kathy Coble is the Sales and Marketing Representative for SERVPRO of Kernersville.  A local resident, Kathy has been in sales and marketing for over 25 years.  She enjoys volunteering time at a local nursing facility and spending time with her family.

Mary Roberts

Mary Roberts is our Office Manager at SERVPRO of Kernersville and has been with us for about two years now. Originally from Florida, she now resides right here in the Triad in Kernersville. Prior to SERVPRO Mary handled Professional Moving Claims and Sales. She chose to work for SERVPRO because of her desire to be in a position where her work matters and makes an impact on the lives of our customers. Her hope is to help someone and make a difference! When not working, Mary loves to spend time with her family and likes to cook. She also enjoys taking trips especially to her favorite spot, Key West.

Head shot of female SERVPRO Greensboro North Employee with red hair, wearing black vest, and red shirt.

Misty Taylor

Misty is the Project Coordinator for SERVPRO of Kernersville. She has been with SERVPRO since January 2018 and while she handles administrative duties, she is also certified as a water restoration technician. Misty is an NC native from the Triad. A recent newlywed, she now lives with her husband and two teenage children in Stokesdale. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and making soy candles for her own small business.  

Head shot of female SERVPRO of Greensboro North employee with brown hair, wearing glasses, wearing a SERVPRO jacket.

Renee Miller

Renee is a technician for SERVPRO of Kernersville. She has been with SERVPRO for almost a year and is WRT certified. Now living in Kernersville, Renee is originally from Wytheville, VA. Prior to SERVPRO, Renee worked in production. Her favorite place to visit is the beach and she loves to sleep a lot in her spare time.

Male ServPro of Greensboro North Employee wearing a black hoodie and buzz cut.

Kyle Whitesell

Originally from Whitsett, NC Kyle now resides in Mcleansville, NC. Kyle has been with SERVPRO for 4 1/2 years and is IIRC Water certified. He loves working with his hands. He enjoys anything car related, anything outdoors, sports and all types of music. His favorite place to vacation is at the beach. 

Head of shot of male employee wearing SERVPRO hoodie and toboggan.

Juan Angel Perez

New to us at SERVPRO, Juan has been with us for less than a year. He comes to us with a background as a handyman and welder. Originally from Guanajuato, Juan now resides in Liberty, NC with his wife, his daughter and their American Bulldog. When he’s not working he enjoys cooking and taking care of his family. His favorite place to vacation is Florida and likes to listen to Hispanic music. 

Head shot male SERVPRO employee with blue collar shirt underneath black sweater. Black hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin

Johnathan Enoch

Johnathan is the Marketing Support Coordinator for SERVPRO of Kernersville. He attended university at UNC Greensboro where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a minor in history. On the weekends, Johnathan serves at his local church as a Youth Coordinator interacting with middle school and high school students in Greensboro. He also enjoys going to street festivals and other community events around the Piedmont Triad. 

white male with curly brown hair slightly over his face wearing a black shirt underneath his brown coat.

Justin Kroh

Justin serves on our team as a Production Technician. Justin is married and has two kids who he loves spending time with.

white male with black hair wearing a navy blue polo

Damien Heaney

Damien serves on our team as our Commercial Sales and Marketing Representative. He enjoys spending time with his family including his 2 pugs who can be quite a handful. His favorite vacation spot is Ireland where he actually misses the not so great weather. He's a team player and excited to help the brand grow! 

young latino male with black hair wearing a solid back long sleeve shirt.

Adrian Zuniga

Adrian serves as a Production Technician on the SERVPRO of Greensboro North crew. He has experience in heavy outside work. We’re glad to have him on the team and while he’s not at work he enjoys relaxing at home. Sunday family dinners are his favorite family tradition. Adrian describes her personality in three words friendly, helpful, and outgoing.

young black women with black hair in a bun wearing a black SERVPRO polo.

Nikki Hou

Nikki is new to our team and is coming on board as a Production Technician at SERVPRO of Greensboro North. While not at work enjoys spending time with her children. The best piece of advice she’s been given is to “always keep the faith and never give up”.

Latino brown skin male with black hair wearing a SERVPRO logo tee shirt.

Mario Rodriguez

Mario is a newcomer to the SERVPRO team. He appreciates how hard everyone works on the job and their commitment to getting it done efficiently. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer and a passion for his is music.

Brown skin black male with buzz cut and facial hair wearing a black SERVPRO logo tee shirt.

Brandon Holt

Brandon is a new member of our production crew here at SERVPRO. Outside of work, Brandon loves listening to music while relaxing. He also likes to vacation at Carolina Beach and take part in family reunions Glad to have you on the team Brandon!

Latino brown skin male with black hair wearing a SERVPRO logo tee shirt.

Ricardo Salas

Ricardo recently started as a Production Technician here at SERVPRO. While not working he loves riding dirt bikes with his friends. Self-describing his personality in three simple words, funny, outdoing, and smart. When asked about his favorite vacation spot, the beach was a quick answer.

Latino brown skin male wearing a solid black tee shirt and wearing a black SERPRO logo hat.

Fernando Salas

Fernando is a new edition to our production crew here at SERVPRO. He enjoys spending time with his family especially if it includes a game of soccer. His supervisor, Jeff, has impressed him the most as he continues to learn more about the field each day.

brown skin hispanic male with black hair wearing a SERVPRO logo polo

Amilcar Martinez

Amilcar is the latest edition to the SERVPRO team serving as our Project Supervisor. Outside of work, Amilcar likes to eat out at local restaurants. His favorite vacation spot is Miami and he also enjoys watching The Office.

white woman with grey hair wearing a blue top and purple necklace

Brittany Small

Brittany is our new Administrative Assistant for SERVPRO of Kernersville. She’ll be your first point on contact calling into the office. Outside of work she spends most of her time with her husband and son. Her favorite restaurant is Chicken Salad Chick. When asked in three words how to describe herself she used quiet, outgoing, and assertive.